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Stork Escrow is an escrow management company that provides surrogacy escrow services to the third-party assisted reproductive industry. Stork Escrow’s mission is to ensure that the funds needed for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements are managed to the highest professional and ethical standards, but with personalized and compassionate service.

Stork Escrow is a unique, customer-focused escrow management company.

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Concierge-level Surrogacy Escrow Services and Compassionate Customer Care

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Bonded and Insured


Hold funds in state-regulated IOLTAs to maintain the Highest Level of Accountability

You need the assurance that money needed for surrogacy or egg donation arrangements is managed with the utmost respect for the people involved, and with high levels of expertise and security. Stork Escrow is co-owned by an experienced reproductive lawyer, Elizabeth Swire Falker, Esq. (known to some as The Stork Lawyer®), and Certified Public Accountant, Kelly L. DuMont. Liz and Kelly have been working in the third-party assisted reproductive industry for over 15 years and have been practicing in their respective fields for over 25 years. By ensuring that Stork Escrow’s accounts are supervised on a day-to-day basis by a Certified Public Accountant and payments or disbursements are reviewed by an attorney experienced in reproductive law, Stork Escrow is able to offer an exceptionally high level of protection and accountability.

But perhaps most importantly, Liz, Kelly, and the Stork Escrow team care about the people they are working for. Liz and other of the Stork Escrow Team members have gone through their own infertility journeys and understand the emotional and financial toll IVF and third-party assisted reproduction can cause. Kelly has been an industry insider for over 15 years; working closely with egg donation and surrogacy agencies, as well as reproductive lawyers, and has an intimate understanding of the third-party reproductive industry and her clients’ needs. It is because of this background that Stork Escrow offers not just exceptional surrogacy escrow services, but also personalized and compassionate customer service.

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